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Healing Sessions with Kristina Nez Begay

On Saturday, June 29, Kristina will offer the following healing sessions:

Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing Session

This session may include a variety of techniques such as releasing ancestral imprints and ties to old stories, clearing blocked energy, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and extractions of crystallized energy, beliefs systems, and/or energetic cords and soul contracts. Sessions may also include water blessing ceremony, fire ceremony, despachos (Incan prayer offerings), guided meditation, and/or crystal healing techniques.
$111 for 90-120 minutes

Access Consciousness Bars Session

Access Consciousness utilizes certain areas of the head that correlate to different aspects of one's life.  By applying pressure to these points or "running your bars" you can create changes and open new awarenesses in your life. 
$45 for 30 minutes
$80 for 60 minutes

Psychic Reading

This is a way to get a clearer view into your life's experiences and the opportunities that are present and available to each one of us. A reading may allow you to get to know yourself more through recognizing patterns, themes and energetic shifts in your life.
$75 for 60 minutes

Mediumship Reading

A mediumship reading consists of connecting with your loved ones who have already passed on.  The information they give about their lives and what may be happening with us is really evidence that there is more to life than this physical reality and life does continue after death.
$100 for 60 minutes

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Intuition Development
Later Event: June 30
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