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[CANCELED] DIY Smudge Workshop

About the class

Gather and learn about the sacred ritual and benefits of smudging. We will then create our own smudge sticks and loose blend that you can take with you to begin your own smudging ritual at home.

In this workshop, Michelle O’Connor will teach you how to make your own dried sage bundles and how to create and burn loose smudge.  The workshop will open with a centering meditation and close with a smudging ritual.

Workshop fee includes all materials.

About the instructor

Michelle believes that creativity is a powerful tool for "deeper knowing" and is compelled to share the gift of creativity and healing with others through art.

Michelle’s personal experience with recovery, self exploration, and deep healing through the creative process drives her passion for intuitive art & mixed media work.

Michelle seeks to inspire others to explore their own innate creativity and to find deep healing through the creative process.  Her artwork is characterized by layers of visual texture, vibrant colors, the sacred feminine, and the healing power of creativity.

Michelle studied Fine Art at the Cleveland Art Institute, Xavier University, and the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL. Although she studied art formally to some degree, Michelle is largely self-taught, having left the creative life behind for a career in business, and returning to practicing art in 2010 during a period of personal crisis in her life. Since 2010, she has explored a wide variety of online and in-person workshops and has worked to develop her voice as an artist.

Through the use of dynamic imagery and mark making, it is Michelle's intention to intuitively express the feminine experience.