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Introduction to Shamanic Journey Workshop

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man. Anthropologists believe it dates back over 100,000 years and it was practiced all over the world, by every culture.  Shamanism is not a religion but a spiritual path so anyone can practice it, and everyone has ancestors who have. It is a way to develop a deep and meaningful relationship to the earth, all its inhabitants and the spirit world.

Fundamental to shamanism is the principle of wholeness or unity; the realization that everything in the universe is connected. Everything that has form or substance has a spirit-trees, rocks, mountains, people, as well as buildings, organizations, places.  Everything is alive. We can create relationships with those spirits directly and Shamans actively seek out their spirits helpers and go to the outer realms, or a place of non-ordinary reality, for answers. They are there for us, waiting for us to connect with them and ask!

The shamanic journey is an ancient and powerful form of bringing oneself into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to retrieve information. Shamans believe that the most direct path to transformation is the path of experience, and this experiential tool can be used as a regular practice for contemplation, enlightenment, and healing. With the help of the power of the drum and your imagination, you can vision and receive messages from spirit guides, guardians or other allies.

After an introduction to Core Shamanism, Chris will guide you through an experience of visualization, meet a power animal or guardian spirit, and receive messages. Various journeys will be offered for practice, along with group sharing. Tap into your intuition, heighten your awareness and senses to the sacred and Spirit, and connect with your own powerful guidance for transformation and wisdom.

About the instructor

Christine Moses is the founder of Featherheart Holistic Paths.  Chris will support you on healing your journey through transformational work with sacredness and compassion.  Chris’s healing practice encompasses cross-cultural traditions and includes nature-based and Native American spirituality.

Chris holds a MS in Holistic Ministries, is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister and Ceremonialist. In addition, she trains other women to lead sacred circles, and her new book The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering Women for Conscious Community is a combination of her personal journey and healing story, a training guide, and an empowering inspiration.