Stargazers staff member Shawna Martin


Born two months premature, I struggled as I entered the world.  Once born, my weight dropped and I almost lost my life.  I believe my rough start greatly enhanced my psychic abilities. 

As a child, and a Pisces, I had the ability to "send out my fishie feelers" to check on my loved ones. As I grew older, I learned this was called Astral Travel and Remote Viewing.  

In high school I met Nancy Brown from Stargazers, who I have gotten to know more intimately since her passing. Stargazers became my mystical oasis. Both Nancy and Diana Blagdon made me feel welcome and I became more comfortable with who I am. I am honored to be part of Stargazers history and its family. 

In love and light, I offer my psychic abilities in mediumship, clairvoyance,  telepathy, lucid dreaming, astral travel, remote viewing, divination, crystal healing and channeling to gain the information and answers you need to heal.  

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