The stars are openings in heaven where our loved ones shine bright and let us know they are happy. Inuit proverb


About Amy Maras

Proprietor and Healer

I view Stargazers as not just a store, but a sacred community where we can explore, express and honor who we are. It is a place that is safe, peaceful, inclusive and grounded. We rise up and answer the call to provide divine service to the earth, its inhabitants and our community.

Truth, beauty and love reside in our beliefs. We honor them and let them awaken our soul.

My practice arises from a deep spiritual commitment to the earth. The divine has woven a tapestry containing many beautiful threads into my healing practice.

I have trained with the globally recognized Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Spirit Healer Shamanic Studies in Arizona, and Bhola Nath Banstola, a hereditary shamanic healer from Nepal, as well as other amazing healers for over 15 years. I am also a Reiki Master healer.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, when working with clients, I enter non-ordinary reality for purposes of healing, divination and work with spiritual forces to facilitate change. 

As a Reiki Master, I channel healing energies for humans, animals, plants, the environment, and personal and societal outcomes.

I believe that everyone is able to manifest desired change for themselves, loved ones, the environment and society. We co-create a new, better reality with our thoughts and energy. 

I look forward to meeting you.

Stargazers Staff

Read about our staff members and what drew them to the unique environment of Stargazers.

Shawna Martin


The Original Stargazers

Thirty years ago, Nancy Brown had the vision and wisdom to open “Stargazers,” a metaphysical store that was way before its time. With a desire to help others discover their inner wisdom, Nancy brought joy, love, and laughter to those walking a spiritual path. This small Door County store held a big presence and was a gift to everyone’s heart. We all collectively grieved the loss of Nancy in November 2012.

The Next Phase

Diana Blagdon continued Stargazers after Nancy’s passing. Diana helped awaken customers to their intuitive guidance system and brought clarity to one’s soul’s path through readings and workshops. Diana retired from Stargazers in December 2017. Diana passed away in April 2019 from ALS.

A New Day for Stargazers

My name is Amy Maras. I met Nancy once – actually I didn’t meet her, I saw her. She was sitting in a corner with several customers talking and laughing. I was in awe of the light and love that shone through her. I also remember rubbing the belly of a huge dog that was lounging in the store.

I met Diana at a workshop and she also did an intuitive reading for me that was insightful and moving. Her reading helped me focus on my own intuitive gifts and give up the judgment of myself “not being enough”. In 2017, I joined Stargazers working part time. I loved it – the customers, the product, and Diana – a woman of strength, courage, and passion.

I am now the owner of Stargazers. I am humbled by the big shoes left before me. The legacy of Stargazers is much more than a “Door County gift store.” It is about love, strength, joy and abundance. It is about awakening to one’s true self and honoring all beliefs. Within the walls of Stargazers there is no judgment of who one is, what one does, what one believes or what one aspires to be. These are individual choices that are honored, celebrated.