If it wasn't for the darkness, we would never see the stars.



the sacred lies within


Our Offerings 


Sacred Products

We carry products that are intentionally created in small amounts by humans filled with love, joy, passion and laughter.

Wisdom Workshops

We offer workshops that help develop and enhance your infinite spiritual wisdom.

Healing Services

We offer healing services to enhance and balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.


Gentle Healing

Imagine yourself resting quietly while stresses are gradually lifted from your spirit. Experience physical and emotional healing with the help of an experienced Reiki Master or Shamanic Practitioner. Or try one of our many other options to regain the balance of spirit and body.


Beauty with Purpose

Explore our carefully curated collection of sacred objects, gifts, and tools for healing and wisdom.



Reclaim the wild place in your soul that longs to be free. Learn, listen, and experience the world in a new way through a variety of workshops.